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All in the Game

I think I had almost as much fun playing these games last Monday as I ever did as a kid. One of the joys of parenthood is letting yourself regress to childhood now and then without feeling too self-conscious about it.

But it feels different, as an adult, too. Zooming Ms. Pac Man around the maze, staying one step ahead of the ghosts, eating all the pellets you can get while you delay the inevitable “game over”—that’s a little too real life. That’s a little too close to home.

Wisconsin Diarist: Good Night, Ann B., Wherever You Are

(I wrote this in September, 2010) The siding industry should be alerted to the existence of Hudson, Wisconsin. I had occasion to pass through my old hometown last weekend, and I was struck by how little my neighborhood had changed, architecturally, since we moved away in 1990. It is a river town, your last stop […]

My Back Pages: The Guy Who Came Into the Cold

(I wrote this for The National in Abu Dhabi in February, 2009. It is no longer extant on their site, so I am posting it here) Just over a hundred years ago my father’s family settled in the town of Luck in northern Wisconsin.  Winter descends there in October or November and lingers until April […]